Car Accident 

She said 

” I just wanna talk to you ‘sister to sister‘. I was so mad at you …for the predicament that happened that night with you and that white girl. I walked in on her saying “I know what Koffi dick”..
– and I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know . How could I? 

“Yeah so I guess they share pussy, I mean with you and what I saw”

Witness was the word she said. Not saw. Shockingly it didn’t shock me. I got my heart broken because of the ‘predicament ‘ I know.

Silence was in the air. Nothing exciting.

People say I talk too much. .. but those people that say that .. do not know my silence is turned into a storm. 

I can take all kinds of abuse because I make excuses for my ‘piece of shit ‘ sperm donor. He didn’t love me. How can I expect anyone, male/ female to respect me?

Where are the cameras? The 45/7 film crew? 

At some point I have to be like …

I deserve, demand , expect better” 

I demand respect, 

I am a human being also, 

I will. 


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