Sometimes I can’t move my feet it seems.                                                    As if I’m stuck in the ground somehow like a tree..                       As if I can’t even breatheeeeee. And my screams come whispering out.. As if nobody can even see me.

Then again if I were a king,

IF I had everythinggg. . .

..If had you aaand I could give you your dreamsss.

If I were giant sizee, on top of it all..Tell me what in the world would I sing for. .

If I had it all.

sometimes I feel I pull you out like strings of memories.

Wish I could weave them into you.

THEN I could figure the whole damn puzzle out..but then again..

IF IM WERE KING..IF I HAD EVERYTHING..If I had you then I could give you your dreams..IF I WERE GIANT-SIZEEE ON TOP OF IT ALL..

..tell me what I’m the world would I go on for ..

If I had it all…


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