3:54 am

It will just come to you. It just overwhelms your body like cold chills. The yearning, the desire, the time to let go. Be over it . 

You will never be able to make someone love you. You will never be able to make someone see how much you love them. If they are not looking, they’ll never see it.   

I’ve literally said all I can fucking say. I’ve literally done all I can do. 

I never thought that I wouldn’t want you anymore but it turns out I don’t. 

I won’t miss you ignoring my calls. Ignoring my text messages. I won’t miss you always telling me there is something wrong with everything I do down to way I breathe. I won’t miss you hurting me on purpose by flirting with girls in my presence. I won’t miss the yearning, the wondering . 

I’ve had enough.! I’m done.! 

HE wants to dream with me. HE wants to grow with me. HE likes me for me.

I’ve been too busy the last three months trying to get you to love me that I couldn’t give someone a chance to even know my name. 

Well times have changed and I am no longer playing your game .